First day at University of Fribourg!

Things are moving and changing: Today was the first day of the Laboratory of Social Fluids aka the LeBoeuf Lab!

Our lab is still being renovated so we are staying in temporary offices for the time being. We are going through all of the typical things that happen when you start somewhere new…getting connected to networks, printers, getting to know new colleagues, etc…


Speaking of new colleagues, the lab welcomes new PhD student Marie-Pierre Meurville! Marie-Pierre comes to us from Christoph Dessimoz’ group in Lausanne and she’ll be studying the evolution of trophallactic fluid.

Adria LeBoeuf
PRIMA kick-off!
Prima kickoff.png

It is thanks to the Swiss National Science Foundation’s PRIMA grant to Dr. LeBoeuf that the Laboratory of Social Fluids exists.

On April 3rd there was a grand kick-off event for the PRIMA grant in Bern where PRIMA grantees got to meet each other and talk about the importance and complications of being women in science.

If you scroll down the page you can even find a photo of Adria asking an awkwardly pointed question to Matthias Egger (he answered with aplomb of course).

Adria LeBoeuf